Learning Games

GameBuilder is a clever web application game creation engine that allows educators and students to build their own learning games & challenge their classmates.

Our collaborative learning games are fun, fully customizable, and map to the curriculum. They can be used in class as a fantastic, free supplementary resource or at home as a great way to stimulate the continued development of students.

Each week we publish new GameBuilder games – built to the feedback we receive from working closely with development psychologists, affiliate schools, educators – and of course, students! This process ensures that each game format we build reflects the curriculum and how students learn.

School Leaderboards

We encourage gentle competition as a way to capture a pupil’s attention and to help reinforce learning. Each game built, and played, is tracked and scores are recorded allowing educators and parents to measure engagement and comprehension.

Publishing Controls & PlayCodes

Each game built is automatically published to a users’ account, and if the user wishes, can be published to a bigger, safe schools networks. PlayCodes (User-created codes) help educators choose who plays their games

Bug Hunt

Join Inch, our wild bug hunter, deep in the wild forest collecting rare word specimens! Bug Hunt helps students to identify and spell classroom Keywords, within a time limit, with as few mistakes as possible. Watch out for the golden insect!

Quiz-ly Bears

A childhood favourite reinvented with twist. Set your own questions, and help Goldilocks escape the Quiz-ly Bears! This format allows educators and students to quickly set their own multiple-choice questions and is a great way to get students thinking about a subject: encouraging them to set their own questions and challenge each other.

Word Karts

Select your kart! Choose your track! Race to collect all the letters from classroom Keywords! Word Karts is a exciting typing game where Users can set their own words to a racing track and challenge each other to collect all the letters before the time limit expires!

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